KS Econo Line

Keep Safe Above Ground Storm Shelters are Built for Protection.

Our above ground storm shelters come in a variety of sizes ranging from 3-4 people to 16-20 people. Or call us about custom sizing.  All Keep Safe Shelters are stronger than our competitors using a minimum of 3/16″ thick steel, and are fully painted inside and out to protect your investment. A fully galvanized storm shelter is also available and will give over 100 or more years of rust protection.

We are confident our storm and tornado shelters are the most functional, versatile and reliable on the market. Tornado safety is a priority in our storm shelters. We built a strong storm shelter capable of withstanding over 260mph winds while utilizing the space by incorporating an integrated shelf system.  So now you can use your tornado shelter all year long for many, many years.

Keep your family safe. We have engineered, tested, manufacture and distribute the highest quality, multi-use shelters at a competitive price. And all of our shelters come with a lifetime guarantee. Please call us at 469-314-0074 for more information.


Our above ground storm shelters have been Texas Tech tested.

We are very stringent when it comes to testing. We want all of our shelters to withstand a category F5/EF5 storm. Using an impact test on our shelters, F5 Storm Shelter designs meet and exceed FEMA guidelines. All F5 Storm Shelter models have been designed in collaboration with a Professional Engineer (PE) as well as meet and exceed the guidelines including: ICC-500, FEMA 320 and FEMA 361. Keep Safe Shelters currently has three tested and certified storm shelter/safe room models and will be testing additional models shortly. Based on our knowledge, we have the greatest number of tested and certified models in the industry. Testing took place at the Debris Impact Testing Laboratory at Texas Tech University. We stand by our quality and guarantees, setting the industry standard by exceeding our clients’ expectations and outperforming our competition.

All of our above ground storm shelters have been impact tested and we will continue to improve and test our shelters.