Will my cell phone work inside the shelter?

Yes cell phones will get signal inside, providing cell towers are not damaged during storm.


Are these FEMA complaint?

Our shelters are engineered to exceed FEMA standards 320 &/or 361 as well as ICC500.


What testing has been done?

Each model has been tested at Texas Tech Wind & Debris Impact facility & continued testing with more innovations. Our unit designs have survived actual EF-5 direct hits.


How are they anchored down?

Average 12 or more depending on size of unit with 3/4” concrete wedge anchors also one is used for a 1/2” solid copper earth ground.


What if I sell or move?

We can remove & re-install at your new location for a fee.


Can you do custom sizes?

Yes we can work with you on custom configurations & sizes for Residential & Commercial/Industrial needs.


How long a wait for custom or ordered units?

Typically allow 4-6weeks.


Are these eligible for Rebate programs?

Keep Safe Shelters is member of the ATSA & is an authorized retailer & installer for the rebate program.


Who do I contact about rebate programs?

Texas Dept. of Public Safety

Brazos Valley Council of Govt.  979-595-2800

Cook County, Tx  940-668-5400

Grayson County, Tx  903-813-5215

Fannin County, Tx  903-640-8484

W. Central Tx Council of Govt  325-672-8544

N. Central Tx Council of Govt  817-640-3300

S. Plains Assoc. of Govt  806-607-0940

Chickasaw Nation  580-421-8800


What are they made of?

We have several styles & sizes made of high strength American made A36 grade 3/16” steel plate & reinforcing material precision cut with cnc plasma or cnc laser tables. We also offer a 1/4” & up to AR500 steel models available.



Covered vent in door exceeds FEMA standards & some models have passive ventilation through wall bracing.


Is window safe during a storm or tornado?

It is bullet proof & tested window material.


How is the door secured in a storm?

4-quick throw deadbolt style 1” rods slide into the steel door frame & the door handle latch lock for the fastest closing door possible with vault like security.


What paint & colors do you have?

All of our storm shelters are powder coated for extra durability and come in choice of white or shatter grey.